Privileged location / Grecia, Costa Rica

1. Location, easy access, climate

2. Qualified labor

3. Electric/poweravailability (3 sources) 

4. Internet availability (2 sources) 

5. Wateravailability (3 sources) 

6. Local goverment 100% involved

7. Public transportation

8. Successful manufacturing companies near by

9. Recreational activities

10. Diversity of housing options within the project and in the area

Costa Rica Green Valley  is a mixed-use development located in one of the most developed areas of the west on Route 1, San José-San Ramón and the route to Grecia. Grecia has one of the best climates in the world, with an excepcional and trained human resource and whit all the infrastructure, electricity and telecommunications conditions that fisrt-class companies require for their operations. The project will have footprints from 20 000 m2 for industrial use and will have a residential and commercial component of convenience for the entire community.e

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